Replay Heaven

Replay Heaven is a music production company, specialising in sample replays – accurately re-recording sound-alikes of existing pieces of music, making them sound virtually identical to the original. Replay Heaven has rerecorded thousands of samples and has credits on numerous hit records from artists as diverse as Kanye West, The XX , Duke Dumont, Avicii, Nick Cave, The Chemical Brothers, Alicia Keys, The Black Eyed Peas and Bastille to name a few.

Most often we recreate samples used in club and urban music. Replay Heaven sample replays have been used in many well known international chart hits that are usually assumed to use the original sample not a replay. We also develop track soundalikes for for TV adverts, movies, computer games etc.
Whatever the project, our aim is to enable clients to avoid the high costs and complex clearances usually involved in incorporating original music into your project. We are fast, cost-effective and fanatically devoted to accurately mimicking all styles of musical performance and production.

Case Study: The Chemical Brothers

Replay Heaven have worked extensively with The Chemical Brothers on their 2019 album No Geography but nowhere to more exciting effect than on the track We’ve Got To Try. I think this is a great example of the creative opportunities offered by using a replay rather than the original sample, as Tom was able to solo elements like the vocals and strings in the mix as we provided everything as stems. We also were able to sing new original material that wasn’t in the sample, but matches up with the sample sonically.

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